RxExercise: Medical Professionals

Oncologists and medical professionals are THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE in the process for helping people living with cancer to get exercise.

Why? Simple: your patients look to you for guidance and information about what's going on with their bodies. Many patients are fearful about making ANY kind of change in their lives that might have an impact on their physical condition and cancer treatment. And more often, patients are too tired or stressed out to even think about exercising.

In other words, MANY PATIENTS FEEL THEY NEED TO HAVE PERMISSION TO EXERCISE. (The likelihood is that you should first clear them medically to start any program of exercise, so this is a well-founded belief.) And YOU are in the best position to give them permission to AVOID INACTIVITY.

So as a medical professional, there are several things that you can do that will really make a difference.
  1. Tell EVERY PATIENT that they need to get exercise. Please tell them to AVOID INACTIVITY.
  2. Please tell everyone on your staff to remind your patients to get exercise.
  3. Send your patients right here to our website: www.sunflowerwellness.org
  4. Send your patients to this website: RxExercise.org. We will provide each of your patients with a one-hour exercise consultation.
  5. For further information about the many benefits of exercise for cancer patients of all kinds, and all ages, please visit our growing Sunflower Wellness cancer-exercise research library.
  6. Go and get some exercise yourself. Seriously! You know how good it will make you feel!

Thank you for your interest in Sunflower Wellness!

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