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Your FREE Initial 15 minute Phone Consultation is an opportunity to speak with one of our Exercise Counselors, who are cancer exercise specialists. They will determine the best way for you to start getting exercise. Some clients may be referred to an in-person, 50 minute Exercise Counseling session at one of our partner hospitals/clinics, or be invited to start a Sunflower Wellness Rx Empower Membership. Use the form below to sign up for your Initial Consultation.

For most of our clients, we will recommend a Sunflower Wellness Rx Empower Membership, or the option to purchase a package of Exercise Counseling sessions. An Rx Empower Membership includes 2 Exercise Counseling sessions per year. An Exercise Counseling session is a 50 minute, in-person meeting with one of our CET certified Exercise Counselors, in which you will receive a customized exercise program design that meets your needs and current abilities and limitations. We will also explain how exercise will help you, whether you are currently receiving cancer treatment or after treatment. And of course, we offer plenty of encouragement.

There are many benefits of exercise.  Exercise is extremely important for helping you move through and beyond chemotherapy, surgery, and other common treatments for cancer. It is especially helpful for reducing stress and fatigue, for building up strength and overall fitness and well-being.

Initial Consultations are mostly held over the phone or online.

There is NO FEE for this service.

Our Expertise with cancer and exercise

Our Exercise Counselors are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) with a Cancer Exercise Trainer (CET) certification. This special designation gives us the skills to adapt many forms of exercise to meet the needs of people living with cancer. 

With Gratitude

Sunflower Wellness gratefully acknowledges To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation for supporting the Exercise Counseling service for Marin County breast cancer patients and clients in 2014 – 2020.

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We help anyone with cancer find a way to get exercise.