Benefits of Exercise


Why exercise? What are the benefits? Research continues to emerge demonstrating that people with cancer who exercise can greatly increase their chances of survival. 

  • Women who participated in any moderate-intensity recreational physical activity, such as brisk walking, after breast cancer diagnosis had an approximately 64% lower risk of death than inactive women.  read more
  • Colorectal cancer patients who increased their activity levels before diagnosis had an approximately 50% reduction in both colorectal cancer-specific and all-cause mortality. read more
  • Colon cancer survivors who walked 6 or more hours per week at an average pace showed a 47% improvement in disease-free survival compared with inactive patients. read more
  • In one study spanning over 30 years studying almost 15,000 women, those who engaged in moderate and high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness demonstrated a 33% and 55% lower risk, respectively, of dying of breast cancer. read more
  • A study of women with breast cancer who were physically active and consumed at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day dropped their 10-year mortality rate by half. read more
  • The total number of treatment sessions (physician visits) for women with breast-cancer-related lymphedema decreased over 60% among women who lifted weights. read more
  • In one study, greater increases in survivorship among women with breast cancer occurred among those who performed the equivalent of walking 3 to 5 hours per week at an average pace. read more
  • Exercise has been shown to improve body fat levels, lean muscle mass and bone mass. read more
  • According to one study, physical activity has an important benefit on survival regardless of how long ago a breast cancer diagnosis was made. read more
  • We receive frequent reports that people who exercise experience improvements in quality of life, pain reduction and energy levels. 

Consider these reports from Sunflower Wellness clients (from August 2009):

Please find the following link to the 2016 “Your Health Matters” publication from the UCSF Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science *and* Sunflower Wellness: “Moving Through Cancer: A Guide to Exercise for Cancer Survivors.

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