Announcing a new partnership!

We are pleased to announce that Sunflower Wellness (SFW) and Maple Tree Cancer Alliance (MTCA) have formed a strategic partnership.Together, we will become the first national organization with individualized programs integrating cancer care and exercise.

MTCA currently operates in 15 hospitals serving Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and has developed an Exercise Oncology Instructor certification that is accredited through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and nationally recognized. MTCA provides individualized exercise training, nutrition education, and emotional support to cancer patients, from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of their treatment.

Sunflower Wellness serves clients living with cancer throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Through its medical and clinical partnerships, SFW delivers its Exercise Counseling program. The program starts with an onsite client intake session, which, through collaboration with oncologists, analysis, and observation, gives clients a prescription of a personalized exercise plan. Clients may also join one of its many fitness partner facilities to continue their exercise program beyond the clinical/hospital setting.

The two organizations have already joined forces, as a combined provider, and leveraging a To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation grant to fund and launch new pilot programs with both UCSF and Marin Cancer Care. The pilots will introduce a Comprehension Exercise Oncology (CEO) program to provide wrap-around services to support patients within and beyond the clinical/hospital setting. The new program will also align with the latest exercise oncology guidelines published by the American College of Sports Medicine.

We are thrilled about the strategic possibilities of this new union.

As rates of cancer diagnosis have increased, there has been a growing demand for a standardized and nationwide model that can deliver personalized exercise programs and support for people living with cancer. By partnering with MTCA, we can provide access to scaleable, broader (geographically), and a comprehensive set of services to more patients.

Warm regards,

The Sunflower Wellness Team

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