Equipment & props

In our Exercise Counseling consultations sessions, we frequently recommend to our clients that they get specific kinds of exercise equipments and props to use at home, or to find and use in a fitness club or gym.

Although we don't sell any of the items described in this area, and we don't endorese specific products, we provide this area as a courtesy to illustrate the types of equipment that our clients find helpful. Please in all cases be sure to read and follow manufacturer instructions and safety practices.


A pedometer can be an extremely useful tool to help you track the total distance that you walk each day. In general, we encourage clients to track their progress. This type of device is fairly inexpensive and makes it easy.

Foam rollers

Foam rollers are another useful exercise prop for performing stretches of various kinds, most done on or near the floor. Foam roller stretches range from highly relaxing to those that will require greater exertion to build strength.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is necessary if you plan to practice yoga. Many yoga studios and gyms keep extra yoga mats on-hand, often for available for use at no charge. Whether you bring your own or use one at the gym, you'll want to bring your own towel to put on top of a yoga mat.

Many people prefer to bring and use their own personal yoga mats, which come in a range of prices and overall quality. If you're new to yoga, you might want to try out a couple of different mats before you buy one to keep.

Yoga mats are also helpful to use when doing foam roller exercises on the floor.

Resistance band

A resistance band is a highly versatile piece of equipment, usually inexpensive, that's great for helping you to perform a variety of strength-building exercises.

Of course, you'll want to use a resistance band with a great deal of care, as it's essentially a huge rubber band. Don't ever stretch it and let go -- you could seriously injure yourself or someone else! (Ouch!)

Exercise ball

An exercise ball is a really useful piece of equipment for performing core work, such as abdominal crunches, with comfortable support for your back. Several sizes are available, and you'll want to keep your ball inflated comfortably so it's neither to soft and squishy nor too firm.

It's actually quite fun to sit and bounce on your ball! Seriously -- it will get your blood flowing and it feels great.

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