The Sunflower Wellness program at The Bay Club has ended

It’s official: our Bay Club program ended on February 15, 2018. The Bay Club has launched their own program, called Restore and Renew.

Sunflower Wellness has been thrilled to offer so many classes and exercise opportunities to our clients at The Bay Club since July 2009. We are extremely grateful for everything the staff and management at The Bay Club have done to support our work and continue to offer them our thanks. Here’s wishing a successful launch to the new program.

Please click here for the complete announcement from The Bay Club. You can direct all inquiries about the new program and the transition of your membership (including people who use Class Passes, Scholarships and Personal Training sessions) to the staff members listed at the bottom of that statement.

Update (Feb. 6, 2018): The Bay Club has provided this application form for their new Restore and Renew program (please submit your application to the Bay Club directly), along with FAQs and membership agreements (their terms and conditions) for:

For Sunflower members: please note that all membership charges were terminated as of January 6, 2018 and no one has been charged the monthly dues since that time.

With only one or two exceptions, all Sunflower Wellness classes are continuing to operate within the Restore and Renew program — as free classes. Please see The Bay Club’s announcement for all of the details. We will update this space as any new information comes our way.

In the meantime, please note:

  • For people who don’t qualify for the new program at The Bay Club, we will do our very best to find an alternative exercise program that will serve your needs. Please feel free to look for other locations on our program sign-up pages.
  • We have been told that anyone who purchases Personal Training sessions through Sunflower Wellness prior to Feb. 1, 2018 can continue to use those sessions through May 1, 2018 at the Bay Club.

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