Exercise of the Month – Bird Dog with Elbow/Knee Touch

Increase strength and muscular endurance.

Improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention.

The Bird Dog exercise is useful in working on core strength, stability and spinal alignment. Breast cancer patients should keep arms directly under the shoulders to maintain alignment and protect the shoulder region. To maintain efficient core engagement, pull belly button back to the spine.¬†This exercise is also recommended for people recovering from surgeries that affect the abdominal and pelvic floors, including gynecological and urological surgeries. It’s important that you be well-healed from surgery before you start this exercise.

Click here for a short video demonstration of this exercise

Starting position: Begin on the floor in the quadruped position with hands aligned under shoulders and knees aligned under hips.
Movement: Activate core. Perform bird dog maneuver, extending arm upward as you simultaneously extend the leg behind you, then return towards start position. Without touching floor, touch hand to knee and return to extended bird dog position. Repeat for recommended repetitions on same side then perform on opposite side.

Sunflower Wellness presents this exercise with the assistance of WebExercises. A library of exercises of the month is available at Sunflowerwellness.org

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