Exercise of the Month- Elliptical Trainer

Improve overall health, maintaining fitness, and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Weight management, increased energy level, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol.

Using the Elliptical Trainer is a good non-impact cardio activity. We recommend that breast cancer patients start out using the stationary ellipticals and not the arm ellipticals. This will help to avoid over-using the arm or chest regions affected by lymph node removal or reconstruction surgery. For cancer patients recovering from lymph node removal in the lower extremities, we recommend starting out with lighter resistance levels to avoid over-using the lower extremities while the body’s lymphatic system maybe compromised due to lymph node removal. Gradually build up on duration before increasing resistance and elevation.

Cardiovascular Activity Suggestions:

The aim of aerobic exercise is to increase your heart rate to the training range as recommended by your healthcare provider. 3 separate 10-minute aerobic sessions seem to be as effective in improving fitness and health risk profiles as a single 30-minute session

Sunflower Wellness presents this exercise with the assistance of WebExercises. A library of exercises of the month is available at Sunflowerwellness.org.

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