Exercise of the Month- Alternating Knee Lift

Increase core strength and muscular endurance.

Improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention.

Knee Lifts are helpful in recovering and building core strength . Be sure to focus on keeping both shoulders in contact with the floor through the full lift and reset phases. Also, keep rib cage positioned down and neutral while keeping the belly button pulled back to the spine. This will help stabilize and engage your core muscles while you lift your legs to the starting and ending phases.¬†This exercise is recommended for people recovering from surgeries that affect the abdominal and pelvic floors, including gynecological and urological surgeries. If you’re just starting out, place your hands on your knees to help support them. Slightly more advanced would be to alternate your knee lifts, while an even more advanced movement would be to lift both knees at the same time.

Click here for a short video demonstration of this exercise

Starting position: Begin lying on floor facing up. Bend knees with feet flat on floor. Arms should be extended to sides.
Movement: Activate core muscles. Maintain a neutral low back position and lift one knee until calf is parallel to floor. Pause and slowly lower back down while maintaining core contraction. Low back should remain neutral during exercise. Repeat alternating knees for prescribed repetitions and sets.

Sunflower Wellness presents this exercise with the assistance of WebExercises. A library of exercises of the month is available at Sunflowerwellness.org.

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