Exercise of the Month – Floor Angels

Increase shoulder strength and muscular endurance.

Improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention. Floor Angels are a chest stretch that help to increase range of motion. They are especially helpful following mastectomy or upper thoracic surgery such as for lung or throat cancer. Beginners should use the wall and do this simple stretch vertically. For a more moderate level you can do the exercise on the floor, as shown. A more advanced level is to do the same exercise while lying on top of a foam roller.

Click here for a short video demonstration of this exercise.

Starting position: Begin lying face up on floor. Bend knees with feet flat on floor. Place arms to sides below shoulders level, with elbows bent to 90º and palms facing up.
Movement: While attempting to maintain forearm contact with floor, slide arms upward, squeezing shoulder blades together. Once forearm can no longer keep contact with the floor, slowly return to start position and repeat prescribed repetitions and sets.

Sunflower Wellness presents this exercise with the assistance of WebExercises.com. A library of exercises of the month is available at Sunflowerwellness.org

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