Thank you for Supporting Sunflower Swimmas!


Please give a huge round of applause to our Swim Across America team, Sunflower Wellness Swimmas. Our team, a fun bunch of fitness fans and avid swimmers within the Sunflower Wellness support network, was an amazing success. Thanks to your wonderful support we surpassed and nearly doubled our fundraising goal of $10,000. Our grand total reached $19,505!

Collectively, over 300 swimmers jumped in the Bay. The total funds raised by the SAA Bay Swim event came to an impressive $486,804.68.

Thank you very much for supporting us by joining our swim team and sponsoring our team with a donation. Your contribution will fund cancer research, prevention and treatment at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco and Oakland. We are grateful for your generosity. We’re making waves and working towards a cancer-free world!

Keeping moving and see you next year!

Sunflower Wellness Swimmas: Cookie Arrighi, Teresa Arrighi – Campbell, Maria Chiam, Margaret Currivan, Steve Czekala, Ted Hiscox, Kimberly Kouri and Lisa Spencer

Thank you to our generous donors!

Sunflower Wellness Swimmas3

Thank you to our support crew.

Boat Captain: Mark Sherburne

Swimma Lifeguard: Hayley March

Swimmas Boat and Land Team: Bill Bain, Derek Barnes, Carrie Bonnet, Regan Fedric, Trisha Hue, Kelly Kobetsky, Kris Morrison and Margaret Walsh


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