The great part about Qigong

Denise Aubin’s medical Qigong class is simply fantastic, there’s no other way to put it.  It’s more than just physical healing, it’s psychotherapy.  The class lifts my spirits and I leave with positive energy even though I may have come in dragging.  The transformation is quite amazing!  It gets my whole body humming with joy and energy.  It is a total body workout, using both movement and sound that, together, embrace energy healing.  We laugh and sing and it’s pure fun.  I think my posture has improved.   Besides regaining stamina from the ravages of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation I have some spinal degeneration and the exercises have helped to relieve pain and rebuild the strength and flexibility of my back so I’ve been able to decrease pain meds.  The great part about Qigong is that you can participate at any level of fitness, from sitting, standing, or lying down.  It is a joy to work with Denise because it is clear she loves life and finds great joy in helping others.

Bay Club Marin participant Darlene Miettunen

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