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Research: Prostate animal exercise study published in JAP


Purpose: To investigate the effects of exercise on cancer progression, metastasis, and underlying mechanisms in an orthotopic model of murine prostate cancer.

Results: Primary tumor growth rate was comparable between groups but expression of prometastatic genes was significantly modulated in exercising animals with a shift towards reduced metastasis…

Conclusion: Exercise-induced stabilization of HIF-1α and subsequent upregulation of VEGF was associated with ‘productive’ tumor vascularization with a shift towards suppressed metastasis in an orthotopic model of prostate cancer.

Jones LW, Antonelli J, Masko EM, Lascola CD, Dewhirst MW, Dyck JRB, Nagendran J, Flores CT, Betof AS, Young ME, Nelson ER, Pollak M, Barry WT, Broadwater G, Freedland SJ. Exercise modulation of the host – tumor interaction in an orthotopic model of murine prostate cancer. Journal of Applied Physiology, 2012; PMID: 22604887. See the Research Article here

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