I feel the healthiest I have ever felt

I have been fortunate to not only be involved in the program since the beginning. I am a 12 year survivor of breast cancer. I have served on the To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation and chaired the Grants Review Committee. Regan and Bill submitted a one-time-only grant proposal to help get Sunflower Wellness off the ground. They were confident that the program could be self sustaining when fees for classes were instituted. The program that was in place before Sunflower Wellness was supported by The Bay Club and free to participants. The Grants Review Committee recommended to the To Celebrate Life Board of Directors that we grant to Sunflower Wellness and the rest is history. To see what Regan, Jane and Bill have created is truly wonderful. To have a group of people who have made it their life’s work to make life better for people dealing with cancer is so remarkable. At 65 years old I feel the healthiest I have ever felt. I know I would not be at that place without Sunflower Wellness and Regan Fedric. I am truly indebted to all involved.

Susan, Bay Club Marin participant

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