I Believe I Can Fly!

Ever climb up the almost 400 steps to Coit Tower in San Francisco? These women have!

Because of the beautiful weather in late August 2010, our Monday San Francisco Bay Club group exercise class chose not to stay inside. Instead, their fearless instructor, Jane Clark, suggested that the group of women march up the stairs to Coit Tower.

From the bottom near the Bay Club, which is at the same level as the Embarcadero, that’s nearly 400 steps up.

At first, several of the women entirely doubted their ability to complete the climb. (It’s a LOT of steps.) Jane called to say that all of them made it up, and that more than one burst into tears when they reached the top. The picture above of their courageous triumph (Jane is in red) and the testimonial we received below sum it up. All we can say is: Wow! Well done!


August 23, 2010 – Higher Heights! I’m a part of the Monday class that Jane challenges us weekly at the SF Bay Club. This morning I woke up a little sluggish, but the sun was shining. That was the beginning of a new beginning. On the way to class I heard a song on the radio called: “I Believe I Can Fly” — little to my knowledge that today I was going to soar!

With the help of some sunshine, Jane’s great ideas of keeping us moving and challenged, I, “M”, a native of SF, for the 1st time climbed the stairs to Coit Tower. It was an awesome & emotional experience and I had the support of Jane and a great group of women. None of this would have been physically possible or even a thought of mine – two months ago. Because of Sunflower Wellness programs and a great instructor – I Believe I Can Fly! Thanks Sunflower Team.

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